ERosner Illustration Pitch projects.

Hello, this is Eric Rosner and I am a Creative Director at ERosner Illustrations. I have worked on ground breaking promotions writing, animating and directing spots for: MTV, Nickelodeon, Nick@Nite and TVLand. I also created the first mascot for In addition I am a Gilded Age of Manhattan Artist and have sold my art works to Crate & Barrel, Jaques Torres, BoConcept, FAB and MoMA Design Store NYC/Tokyo. I love creating bold ideas and innovative art. Now I have a real passion for making content for the coming age of online and engagement. A new direction for storytelling is needed to entrall and capture the minds of today's short attention span inflicted masses. Engaging and humorous but intense and positive messages will win the the battle for eyeballs and sponsors. I am seeking an exciting new opportunity to create compelling designs for the next of consumers. Please view my website for examples of my work Thank you for your time. Eric Rosner 917-405-8961

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